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  3. Hoi valuations: We present company valuations in the hope they are useful and interesting to our users, but we are not responsible for any use or misuse to which they are put or any decisions based on them or for their accuracy. More specifically, we are not responsible if you lose money on investments made based on these valuations. Valuations may be completely wrong because of incorrect inputs into the model such as prices, share counts, earnings or any other company or market data. We make no guarantee that they are correct. We make no guarantees that the models on which they are based or the valuations themselves will be useful or accurate in the future or will have been for any past period or that future stock prices will bear any resemblance to the valuations we present. To the extent that they are accurate, past accuracy is no guarantee of future results. HOI owners, employees and investors also have access to the valuations and may or may not have investments in any companies listed. Note that valuations are still in beta testing.
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