What is HOI?

    Higher Order Investing is a new kind of finance web site. We help all investors, new and experienced, find good value investing ideas. We also provide resources, both integrated and external, to help you research those ideas and decide if they make sense for your portfolio. We want this to be the first stop for serious investors who want to understand the real-world business performance of companies they own or are interested in. We agree with Warren Buffett's quote that "Games are won by players who focus on the playing field--not by those whose eyes are glued to the scoreboard" and hope to improve your view of what is happening on the field.
What is different about HOI?
    We focus on providing easy access to the most important information about the financial performance of public companies. We have started with and will maintain very different emphases than other finance web sites. While they focus on links to news interpretations, other market commentary and stock price performance information, we put companies' and portfolios' financial results front and center. We will never bury you with the noise of other people's opinions.
    We also provide more insight into the business performance of your portfolio than other web sites. We show you the high level financial results of your piece of each company in your portfolio. As we grow, we anticipate providing additional services such as tracking this performance with your portfolio as it changes over time. With these results we provide key calculations such as return on equity and per-share results.
    Finally, and perhaps most interestingly, we provide an estimated value for most companies, based on estimated future earnings per share. This is provided as a useful benchmark, with the understanding that individual cases will vary widely. This metric is most useful for directing investors' attention to companies they might otherwise not have noticed where the indicators point to the company being an exceptional value. For more on this subject, see our terms of use and blog discussions.
I'm new to investing, where do I begin?
    We believe new investors should learn some basic ideas about investing in order to avoid common mistakes. Our advice boils down to
    • Buy stocks for less than they are worth.
    • Understand that the value of a stock ultimately comes from its business performance. If market fear is causing the price of your stock to fall below what you think it's worth, buy more if you want, but don't sell because other people are (unless you see an even better deal).
    • It's hard to find good investments. Our lists provide interesting ideas, but do not buy until you are comfortable with an investment.
How much will HOI cost me?
    Looking up stocks and defining portfolios is and will remain free. Our pages include advertising, hopefully in a useful and aesthetically pleasing format that does not interfere with your enjoyment of the site. Portfolio-building tools like lists of undervalued stocks and new portfolio-based capabilities may in the future be available on a subscription basis.

Please see also the terms of use for the HOI web site and content.